Amalur, a land of fertile fields, bustling cities, and dangerous wilderness. Long ago, 3 kings waged war over the Land, fighting for it's various resources and power. When one King remained, Amalur, he christened the land with his namesake and created the world we know today. That was 300 years ago. Now his heirs rule the throne from the capital city of Murkwell, but their rule leaves much to be desired. The fields have turned barren, city streets are now lined with beggars and cutthroats,  and hushed whispers and rumors of Dark Arts and Curses flow through the Peasantry on why their land has become the quagmire it is. It is said that scattered through the land are relics of power, ancient artifacts from the War of Three Kings that Amalur used to win his throne that might bring prosperity back to the Kingdom. The question is, who will find them?   

The Artifacts of Amalur