Kaelin Stormstout

Male half orc Druid


6’4" Half orc
Light grey skin
Yellow eyes
Dark brown hair tied back


Abandoned as child, never knowing where he came from or even his parents he came across an elderly dwarf by the name of Keelig Stormstout. Keelig taking pity on the near dead half orc decided to take care of him. Over the months he began to grow attached to this child. Perhaps because he reminded him of his own child he could not save all those years ago.

Keelig raised young Kaelin (eventually giving him the name of his long dead son), teaching him the ways of nature. How to survive, hunt, fish, and love the serenity of the woods. Sadly the memories Kaelin has of his father were short. Due to the prejudice of the mountain dwarves, upon them finding out Keeligs relationship with this half orc he was sadly killed. Grabbing his surrogate fathers Sickle “Torn” the young half orc fled for his life. Leaving Kaelin alone yet again.

Wandering for another 20 years he grew to master the wilderness. Being slow to trust and even slower to put himself into a city scape he became an outlander. Never finding another humanoid he could trust he spent all his time with the wildlife.

Since Keeligs death Kaelin has always felt a hollowness in his life. Still caring for the lives of others one fateful evening his life was changed for eternity. During an evening hunt he came across a wolf bleeding and motionless. Silently he watched the cubs desperately and hopelessly try to awake their dying mother. Taking pity on the wolves he decided to inspect the scene further. Upon closer inspection he found out the mother wolf was in fact alive. If only just.

Months went by of him hunting small game for the cubs and raising them to hunt with him. All the while tending to the slowly healing mother. In the beginning there was mistrust between the mother wolf and Kaelin which slowly grew into a bond. One night while around the campfire the two younger wolves wrapped up next too their mother a soft voice came from the darkness with a simple message “Thank you young man”.

Startled hearing anyone speak common around him Kaelin jumped too his feet with Torn in his hand. Yelling back into the darkness demanding the voice to show herself he slowly realized the voice came from the wolf herself.

The wolf struggled to get a few words out at a time due to the immense amount of damage to her torso she strained at each word. Her name was Rayx. An elderly wood elf druid who had given up on society and sought out a life in nature. She had spent her life shapeshifting to take care of abandoned young animals who’s parents died defending them from poachers, or predators alike.

To Kaelins dismay Rayx did not last through the winter. Once the first frost started coming in Rayx movements became slower, more labored and with each passing day. Using her final days in this life she spent each moment teaching Kaelin as much as she could about the outside world and the ways of becoming a druid. Sadly one night during a heavy snow fall Rayx passed on. Her last words to Raelin she asked one last favor from him. To find her actual children in the Kingdom of Tyr. And tell them what happened to her since she disappeared 110 years ago.

Once the wolves were old enough to hunt for themselves he decided it was time to leave. He had to honor his friends dying wish.

Kaelin Stormstout

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